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This is just the beginning

You may be here because you lost someone very important in your life.  You may be here because you simply want to learn more after the afterlife.

Whatever your reason may be, I am thankful you found us.

I have a main personal goal in what I am doing, and my other main goal is to help others learn how to connect with their loved ones who have crossed over.

What is my main personal goal?

To communicate with my husband without the assistance of a medium.  Why? Because he told me I could.  That is all I need to invest the time and energy into learning how to tap into this extraordinary energy that will connect him and I.

Have I communicated with my husband?  Yes, I have.  Several times now.  I use different outlets depending on my desire at that time.  I have researched and found a wonderful and highly recommended medium who I have done 2 sessions with.  These 2 sessions have been life changing.  I have in between those sessions, sought out a couple of others who have provided me with guidance and words of wisdom from my husband.

I promise over time, I will post these conversations, links to my resources so others may utilize their services and the training services I have tried and used.

So is it possible for the average person to learn how to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over?  The answer is yes.  One, we all come from the same heavenly divine so it only makes sense that we all have these abilities. Through life we turn them off and block them out.  As I learn this, I will invest my time and energy into guiding all of you and showing you how to make this life changing move as well.

This is just the beginning of great things to come